Purple Flower Moments
Natalie Johansen: I am sitting at work (in a box office at ...

Joanna: Yesterday, a small purple flower popped up in my favorite ...

Sebastian: I am reading on the couch, waiting for the raspberry ...

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Moon Descriptions
Tasha: I usually drove up the mountain on my way back ...

katie scott: the most looked at thing in history....

jessica m. hunt: Sometimes the moon looks like it is hanging so dangerously ...

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Lost and Found
The Chicago, Boston and San Francisco installments of the Lost and Found Project are now complete. 150 books were "intentionally left" around each city by a team of 20 friends/Book Hiding Specialists. They left them in places like the freezer at grocery store, shelf at Blockbuster, in the arms of a statue. Quite a few people wrote in to share their (often serendipitous) story of where & when they found the book. Filmmaker Steve Delahoyde documented the hiding of the first batch of Chicago books in this two-minute short film.
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