I hope your life is a series of being at the right place at the right time. Alas, I suspect this particular experience--arriving at this landing page-- will probably not be one of those times.

While EncyclopediaOfAnOrdinaryLife.com was a key living and breathing companion to the book for many years (from the book's launch in 2005 through about 2014), it has been dismantled for several reasons. I am happy to elaborate on these reasons next time you and I are at the same dank (original meaning of the word, not the new slang version meaning cool) hotel bar, and you would be inclined to find this information wildly interesting because you are bored and tipsy.

But guess what? Parts of the website have been archived here. Please feel free to mosey about the digital museum and peruse the relics of pages past. I recommend starting with the "Theme Song" room.

My much anticipated (by my parents, I mean) follow-up to Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life will be published in August 2016 by Dutton/Penguin RandomHouse. A shiny new website is already in the works. The book is titled Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

It, its website, and its author all look forward to connecting with you again soon.